You would love to buy a home, but your credit score needs some work. But knowing how to fix your credit score legitimately and quickly can be quite an art – and unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there who promise fast results at too high of a cost. That’s why today, we will cover five different ways you can improve your credit score quickly and safely this year.

1.Educate Yourself

Credit can be a confusing thing and it’s certainly not something they cover in your typical high school.

One big first step to fixing your credit score is learning more about it.

What impacts your credit, what is a high or a low score, and what can you do to change it?

These are all important things to have a good understanding of before beginning your journey to improving your credit score.

2. Always Pay On Time

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s easy to forget or get behind with payments. This is where people go wrong and end up in trouble.

Keeping up on all bills and credit card payments is vital to improving your credit score fast!

As Nerdwallet says,

“Make small payments — often called micropayments — throughout the month to keep your credit card balances down. You can even treat your credit card like a debit card, paying online as soon as you see a purchase is posted.”

Paying as you go throughout the month is a great strategy to ensure you’ll have a good credit score.

3. Pay Back Debt

Debt – a word that haunts many of us. Credit card debt, student loan debt, and medical bills can feel so heavy and overwhelming.

Take a deep breath.

In the end most companies just want to see that you are paying every month, even if your payment is small.

Often you can contact the debtor and negotiate an amount you can reasonably afford to pay back every month.

However, it’s a good idea (if you can) to pay your debt back as fast as possible.

Try paying back even more than what is required so you can become debt free fast.

Becoming debt-free will certainly help you fix your credit score!

4. Sign Up For A Credit Card

So, you’ve never had a credit card before?

This may seem like a good way to guarantee you won’t have bad credit.

But in reality, creating a credit card account and being sure to pay it back as you go is actually a great way to grow your credit score.

Having no credit can be almost as bad as having bad credit.

Surprising right?

But if you’ve ever tried buying a new home with no credit, it’s probably clear to you that a healthy credit score matters.

5. Keep Track Of Your Credit

Checking your credit score every other month or so and monitoring it for any changes is a good way to be sure your credit is doing better.

Bankrate says,

“When you view your own credit, a soft inquiry is pulled, which doesn’t affect your credit temporarily the way hard inquiries do.”

So there is no harm in checking your credit. It can only help you succeed!

If you’d like to consult with a professional lender about the health of your credit and see if now is the time to buy the home of your dreams, contact us at Golden Eagle Mortgage today!