The home buying process may seem complicated and daunting for many first time buyers. And when you are making a sizeable investment, it is imperative to make the necessary preparations in order to get the best value for your money.

Before beginning with the whole process, you should first decide whether home ownership is the right path to choose. For example, if renting a home is the least costly option, then you should momentarily shelf your plan to buy a home. Also, if you are planning to move to another city or state or if your job prospects look unstable, it is better to hold off on buying a home. It is important to note that traditionally, real estate properties are not as liquid as other types of assets and owning a home can limit your options.

Home Buying Process Down PaymentIf you do feel that home ownership is the suitable option for you and your family, the first thing that you need to do is to start shoring your credit. It is likely that you will need to borrow money, and having a good credit rating can up your chances for success. It is also helpful if you have ample cash for a down payment. This is also the best time to find a mortgage lender that offers you an affordable home loan. Before searching for homes to look at, get a pre-approval on your loan as this will help hasten the buying process.

When it comes to the down payment, it is ideal to have at least 20 percent at the ready as this will help lower the required monthly payments. Real estate experts say that the sign that you are ready to buy a home is when you have enough money to cover a down payment.

It is also advisable when beginning to search for homes to have a realistic budget. As a rule of thumb, prospective buyers should avoid looking at homes that cost around two and a half times their annual income. Even if you think that you can afford to pay for a home with a higher price tag, you will only be compromising your monthly budget. Remember, home ownership has several associated expenses that you need to pay for.

If you have found a suitable property to purchase, make sure that you have it thoroughly inspected by a professional. This will ensure that the home is in good condition and you do not have to cough up a substantial amount of money toward repairs.